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Oroville Dam and the Infrastructure Policy Swirl

Given the policy?incoherence of the?Trump administration the temptation is strong to assert nothing they attempt on behalf of US?infrastructure is likely to work. While this is true in a broad sense, it’s important to create roughly two classes of infrastructure that current policy proposals are likely to either?neglect, or affect. The first is that class […]

The Dawn of the Great California Energy Crash

Dear Readers: I’m currently writing a long-form post twice a month now for Chris Martenson’s excellent website, Peak Prosperity.com. Accordingly, I’ll be publishing the first (and free) part of these essays here at เกมยิงปลาสุดมันส์ www.dongythoxuanduong.com. Enjoy. — Gregor California, which imports over 25% of its electricity from out of state, is in no position to lose […]

California’s Employment Picture

Total employment in California pulled back in June from a recovery high of 16.5 million, set in May. This data series has been volatile, with annual revisions each year that have shifted the trough in total employment between early 2009 and early 2010. For now, the low was set in November of 2009, at 15.93 […]

Food Stamp Use Picks Up Again, In Los Angeles County

After a winter lull, food stamp participation in Los Angeles County picked up again in March, to rise to a new all time high of 1,036,078 persons. Other economic data points to weakness in the nation’s largest state economy, as well. Indeed, falling tax collections are largely behind the recent budget deficit blowout of 16 […]

As California Headed Back into Recession, the San Francisco FED Was Declaring Recovery

In February of this year John Williams, head of research at the San Francisco Federal Reserve, gave a speech at Stanford in which he asserted the US economy had finally recovered, with 2011 real GDP expected to expand by 4.00% and then by 4.5% in 2012. (see:? The Fed’s John Williams: recovery has achieved “liftoff”, […]

Ceiling at 16: California’s Lack of Recovery

Total employment in California fell in June from 15.974 million to 15.910 million. The bigger story however is that, in addition to making a lower low in 2010, California employment never regained the 16 million mark first achieved early last decade. This is yet another way to understand how the American economic system, while still […]

America the Jobless Ghost Ship Sails Onward

Total employment in the United States fell in June by 445,000 people, from 139.779 to 139.334 million. With this loss the average so far in 2011, tracking at 139.59 million, is closer once again to falling below 2010’s average, of 139.07 million. While you can easily see in the chart below an advance out of […]

Noise, Not a Recovery

The State of California reported a loss of 29,000 non-farm payrolls in May. Actually, California added 88,000 jobs in May when using the total employment data for the month. However, as I have pointed out over the past year, these oscillations are just noise. Our nation’s largest state faces a protracted, structural level of unemployment […]

Phantom Efficiencies: US Economy Still Running Very Slow

The US economy is consuming 2.00% less energy than its five year average seen prior to the 2008 financial crisis. Some will be cheered by this data, and indeed there are small nuggets of good news here. First, US consumption of oil—which turned flattish after the 2004 repricing—is down significantly, by over 10% since 2007. […]

Janet Yellen’s QE2 Promise Now Dying on the Vine, in California

California reported its April jobs data on Friday. The LA Times repeated the figure, laid out in the report from EDD, that on a year-over-year basis the state had created 144,000 jobs. What The LA Times did not clarify is that these were non-farm payrolls. For the fuller picture of the Golden State’s job market, […]