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What Next for US Oil Demand?

US oil consumption peaked twelve years ago in 2005, at 40.3 quadrillion btu. And, since the great recession ended, US oil consumption has made a weak recovery from lower levels. Last year, US oil consumption reached 36.02 quadrillion btu; still more than 10% below the 2005 peak. None of this is surprising. Nor is it […]

The Oil Demand Downshift

The International Energy Agency in Paris (IEA) released its oil outlook this week, Oil 2017, warning?that demand may begin to outpace supply by 2020 if the global oil industry doesn’t start investing again. But what if the oil industry is right to not invest? The most important data point in the IEA’s report was their […]

Emerging Forces in Global Oil Consumption: The Middle East and Africa

Over the past decade, Asia’s transition to the leadership position in global oil consumption is well known. Starting in 2002, OECD countries slowed their consumption growth for oil and subsequent to 2005 actually saw their consumption decline. This process freed up limited oil supplies to Asia, which now accounts for 31% of total global oil […]

Emerging Asia Demand for Gold

A useful chart from GMO, showing gold demand from Emerging Asia over the past decade. I would comment that here in the West, both gold trading and gold investment demand remain over-focused on quantitative easing, and track more closely the policy decisions of the Federal Reserve. To this point, it bears mentioning that OECD investment […]

The New Price Era of Oil and Gold

Dear Readers: I’m currently writing a long-form post twice a month now for Chris Martenson’s excellent wesbsite. Accordingly, I’ll be publishing the first (and free) part of these essays here at เกมยิงปลาสุดมันส์ www.dongythoxuanduong.com. Enjoy. — Gregor ___________________________________________________________________________ “If society consumed no energy, civilization would be worthless. It is only by consuming energy that civilization is able […]

Punk US Oil Demand and Export Confusion

The US is using spare refining capacity to export millions of barrels of oil products, while US domestic demand remains weak.?One of the more common misunderstandings I see in energy circles right now is the idea that US oil demand has rebounded strongly since 2008. It hasn’t. The explanation can be found in the widening […]

The Myth of Peak Oil Demand and the Example of Loma Prieta

The 1989 San Francisco earthquake, known as Loma Prieta and which occurred during that year’s World Series, forced a number of unexpected changes in Bay Area transport–many of which survive to this day. The most visible is the opened up San Francisco waterfront which now finds a streetcar running over cobbled streets in place of […]

Visualizing US Energy Policy

There is a rather antiquated belief that the oil and gas industry drives US energy policy. This is usually framed in people’s minds as a pleading oil and gas lobbyist making sure that the US stays hooked on oil. While this image may be accurate with regards to the US coal industry, which does indeed […]

Transition Back to Coal

In the January issue of? เกมยิงปลาสุดมันส์ www.dongythoxuanduong.com Monthly, published 31 January and titled Transition Back to Coal, I looked at 200 years of global coal use and I posed the following question: The United States is the second largest consumer of coal in the world. Sitting just behind China, but ahead of India, Japan, Russia, South […]

The Restructuring of Global Oil Demand

The global financial crisis may be hastening a process that’s been underway the entire decade: the restructuring of global oil demand. Western OECD oil demand has been much slower the past 15 years and its growth rate started to stall out again as early as 2004. The more spectacular leg of the advance in the […]