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The Last Oil Cycle is Now Behind Us

If you wanted to make a case that US oil demand was threatening a new, upside breakout, a good place to begin would be the year 2000, the beginning of the new millenium. The country was using 6% more oil that year than it is today. More tellingly, the population was 12% lower. Since that […]

The Clock Ticks Down on Gas Powered Cars

You are probably thinking recent, aspirational announcements by Britain, Germany, India, and China to eventually phase out the sale of gas-powered cars is the kind of shock to the system that will rouse the global auto industry into action. The industry is of course already on high alert to the threat from EV, shared transport, […]

US Fossil Fuel Consumption Has Peaked, and Will Never Return

US fossil fuel consumption from coal, oil, and natural gas peaked ten years ago in 2007?at 85.927 quadrillion btu, and is unlikely to ever?return. There are a number of trends underneath that peak that are worth mentioning. Briefly, coal has been in superdecline; oil consumption is back to levels last seen in the late 1990’s; […]

Car Clarities Begin to Appear: Bring on the EV

Many predictions are fielded, but few are chosen. With 2017 fully underway, it’s now possible to sober up a little about the future direction of cars. First, Silicon Valley is not going to manufacture automobiles. Not EV, and not AV either. That the Valley would not enter the competitive, low-margin business of auto?manufacturing was never […]

Battery Technology and Energy Transition

The Los Angeles Times had a pretty good piece this weekend profiling the inventor behind A123 Systems (based in Boston), and the tremendous hurdles that now exist for any US company that wishes to manufacture in the United States. Fighting for ‘Made in the USA’ therefore is an excellent portrait of how we lose a […]

Shai Agassi Understands Oil

What a relief! Shai Agassi understands oil. In this regard, he stands apart from many global CEOs and even many who work in the oil industry. Better still, his company, Better Place, is actually very well positioned to do something about our energy problem. Agassi has come up with a brilliant model for Electric Vehicles […]