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Food Stamp Use in L.A. Pauses At the Million Mark, Awaiting Oil’s Next Move

For the first time in several years, the rate of growth in Los Angeles County food stamp use has slowed. That’s little consolation however given that total participation zoomed from just above 600,000 to over 1,000,000 people since the onset of the financial crisis. As longtime readers know, I’ve tracked the series as a backdoor […]

Spikes and Dips in Both US and California Jobs Data

Total US employment has been oscillating around the 139 million level for the past year until recently, when some job growth started to appear in December and January. According to Friday’s report from BLS.gov, the first month of 2011 saw total employment rise to 139.864 million persons. A figure that regains levels last seen in […]

All My (Economist) Friends Get High: California Jobs

California reported its job numbers on Friday, and once again it was not good news. Although total California employment in January “rose” to 15.905 million people, this is only because December was revised down from 15.945 million to 15.878 million people. And November was revised downwards also. Thus, a full three years after the peak […]

Poverty Soars in California

In September the state of California hit a new high in food stamp benefits, crossing the 6 billion dollar mark on an annualized basis. Over the past year in California alone the total number recipients of the federal SNAP program (supplemental nutritional assistance program) rose by 16.3%. In many of the big counties of California […]

เกมยิงปลาสุดมันส์Eating Gasoline in America

Deep in the consensus-reality shared by post-war economists is the belief that the US economy transformed itself over the past thirty years, and now operates with much less sensitivity to energy costs. Indeed, in the cheap oil era and as the US developed its FIRE economy (finance, insurance, real estate), the energy inputs needed to […]

Energy Supply and the Individual States

The February issue of เกมยิงปลาสุดมันส์ www.dongythoxuanduong.com Monthly, Energy Supply and the Individual States, has now been published. The 22 page report is a more data-filled version of the thematic treatment I’ve given to this issue the past month, here at เกมยิงปลาสุดมันส์ www.dongythoxuanduong.com. While many news organizations and investment houses have started to address more concertedly the financial […]

Used Rainbows

There’s a picture floating around on the internet but I’m not going to show it to you. It depicts several rows of half-buried automobile tires, off in a distance behind a chain-link fence. A dusting of snow covers the ground. A trash-heap of sorts or perhaps a small hill just behind. The sky? A pale […]

Poverty and the American Suburb

If 1 in 8 Americans is currently on food stamps then household budgets are clearly stressed enough to be affected by changes in the price of gasoline. Given that oil (and gasoline) made its biggest advances starting in 2004, it was revealing to see the latest study on poverty from the Brookings Institution. Their study […]

Gasoline and Unemployment in Southern California

The recent release of State and Metro unemployment data from BLS comes at a time when oil prices have just made a new, 52 week high, and it seems appropriate to consider the these developments together. As I have noted previously on this blog, Southern California is a kind of super-region in terms of population […]

California Enters Inflationary Depression

I was surprised to see the following headline in today’s Wall Street Journal: Oil Price Rise Poses Little Threat, Yet, To Economic Recovery. The piece was stitched together with many quotes from economists, saying that oil’s advance to 80.00 was not yet a problem–though it could present a problem if we went any higher. I […]