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Rebounding US Oil Production: The Historical View

Excitement continues to run at very high levels, over the rebound in US crude oil production. Coming out of the new, historic low of 4.95 mbpd (million barrel per day) in 2008, the annual average of US production in the first 4 months of 2012 is currently on pace at 6.156 mbpd. This new production […]

Global Gold Production: How Sustainable a Rebound?

Recently released data from the US Geological Survey shows that global gold production, after falling every year between 2001 and 2008, finally rose for the past three years. In 2011, production reached 2,700 metric tons. However, in a larger context, the past decade has been quite poor for gold production and the compound annual growth […]

Red Metal Hour: The Copper Problem Accelerates

As we roll through earning’s season a report that caught my attention was Rio Tinto’s earlier this month, which showed copper production from their principle mine, Escondida, down significantly on the year. Here is the Financial Times, on 14 July: Rio Tinto revealed a steep decline in output at the world’s largest copper mine, demonstrating […]

2010 Oil Story: Drawing Down the Inventories

Hat tip to the Economist Magazine for catching a key, energy data point from week’s BP Statistical Review: in 2010, the world consumed about 5 mbpd (million barrels per day) more oil than it produced. Anticipating the discrepancy between the two figures, the BP Statistical Review authors write on page 9 of their PDF: Differences […]

Vexed By Natural Gas

United States natural gas production in 2010, with just one month of data still due for delivery, is set to nearly match the all time highs last seen in the early 1970’s. By averaging 1,871,272.5 million cubic feet per month through November of last year, total US NG production is slated to reach 22,455,270 million […]

Global Oil Production Update and EIA Data Changes

For oil production data-heads the EIA’s decision to terminate the International Petroleum Monthly has produced a small tremor. Yes, the data supposedly will be available each month through one of EIA’s databrowsers. However, these embedded browsers are actually not as user-friendly as the EIA might assume. For chart-makers like myself, we need Excel files. And […]

Crude Oil Production Forecast to 2015

With fresh data out from EIA Washington just this afternoon, and, on the heels yesterday of IEA Paris’ long-overdue admission of Peak Oil, I thought I would release a crude oil forecast. This is a production chart that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. I use rough estimates of future world GDP, […]

Global Crude Oil Supply Update

Global crude oil supply fell in April, after a surprising revision upwards to the March totals, of approximately 200 kbpd. Volatility in the data is currently coming out of the North Sea. This will continue as Norway is expected to see production falls when the next few months of data is reported. Globally, oil production […]

North Dakota 4

The rise and rise of North Dakota oil production has now moved this great plains state to fourth rank in US production, behind Texas, Alaska, and California respectively. Combined with the state’s sparse population, this partially explains why North Dakota currently enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in the US. (Yes, that’s right, the lowest at […]

Non-OPEC Production Soars in Latest EIA Data

In October of 2009, for which EIA Washington just supplied the latest data, Non-OPEC crude oil production soared by over 500 kbpd, going from 41.567 mbpd to 42.109 mbpd. This is the first time since the Spring of 2007 that Non-OPEC hit a single month’s production level at/above 42 mbpd. (Nota Bene: all data has […]