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Getting on the Train

Dear Readers: I’m currently writing a long-form post twice a month now for Chris Martenson’s excellent website, Peak Prosperity.com. Accordingly, I’ll be publishing the first (and free) part of these essays here at เกมยิงปลาสุดมันส์ www.dongythoxuanduong.com. Enjoy. — Gregor Given emerging data in 2012, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the post-war automobile era in the United States […]

American Houses and the Oil Denominator

If there’s one asset the world has little use for, it’s an American single family home priced above 250K, reachable only by car. The great, post-war buildout of America’s suburbs relied upon the continuance of a favorable arbitrage between rising wages, and low transportation costs. Now that this profitable scheme has come to an end, […]

Obama Memo: Redeem Yourself With Rail

Has the Obama Administration, in its first three years, helped the United States ween itself from fossil fuels? Or more urgently, from oil? The 2005-2008 period sent another stern warning that a discretionary, oil-based lifestyle was unlikely to be sustainable in America. The data now proves this out. From the highs of 2005, US oil […]

Under the Surface of Non-OPEC Supply

In 2002 Non-OPEC oil production contributed 60.75% of the world’s total oil supply. But technology, competition, and access to capital through listings on stock exchanges have not been able to overcome limits of geology. Global giants such as Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil have essentially abandoned the effort to meaningfully expand their oil reserves. […]

Spring on the Tracks

Amherst, MA – Here in New England we live with the sedimentary layers of several historical periods and the legacy of our 19th century railroad era is all around us. You just have to look beneath the brambles of the lilacs, or follow the small traces along your local bike path. Of course, we still […]

The World’s Largest Train Ferry

The world’s largest train ferry worked for over 50 years taking both passenger trains and freight trains to respective landings at Benicia and Port Costa, across the Carquinez Straight. This was in fact the route chosen by the Central Pacific RR Company during the 1879-1930 period, as part of? the transcontinental railroad. The Solano, extra […]

San Francisco Water and Rail

I can never decide which is sadder: the Obama Administration’s token 12-15 billion dollars for national railways, or, the greenblogger, transportblogger, and mainstream media’s belief we’re pursuing a new rail policy. The United States has for years been piled high with unfunded rail projects, just waiting for a green light. But the 12-15 billion allocated […]

Coal and Treasuries

It was the best of times for the developing world, and the worst of times for the developed world. In the developing world, they built savings. In the developed world, they groaned and sagged under the weight of debt. In a world where the credit of developed nations had always been believed, the serial monetizations […]

Black Jack Rail

For those of you tracking the fortunes (or misfortunes) of Rail this week in the Stimulus Package, some resolution arrived last night. House and Senate negotiators brought the bill to its final form. And this is what I’ve learned. First, the attempt to knock Rail spending down from 13B below 10B was not successful. Good […]

Tracking the Now Failed Transport Policy from the Obama Administration

Over the past few months David Price of Debategraph in the UK has been visually mapping out the progress of policy issues from the Obama Administration. In January, leading up to the inauguration, David contacted me through Twitter and asked if he could use a post of mine on Public Transport as a way to […]